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Unofficial Tech-a-thon

May 24, 2018InfoSteph

Last Saturday, a small group of awesome women gathered together to lab virtually on Discord. Some of us were working on Splunk, some of us were working on exploits, some of us were working on creating a dual-boot system, and some of us were just following and contributing to conversation as they lived their lives. It was both everything I wanted and nothing I expected. It was great!

I’ve received a couple of requests from men asking to join the tech-a-thons and I have decided to open up the tech-a-thon to all, though there are private channels available for women as well. This Saturday at 8am to 12pm, I am hosting another tech-a-thon on my Discord server and would love for you to join!

Just shoot me an email or a message and I can send you the information. Before you join, I do want to share some things that I think should be noted:

  1. This is a collaborative but independent event. We all bring ourside projects, labs and ideas to the table and we use each other as resources when needed. This is not a tutorial or workshop. I suggest coming to the event with your own ideas in mind. We also have a channel where everyone can contribute their ideas.
  2. I have a strict policy against being rude, negative, and unsportsmanlike. It isn’t helpful and you can literally do that somewhere else.
  3. This should be fun! Don’t worry about being the best or making a mistake. We’ve all been there and some of us are still there. It literally took me four hours to install Splunk and have a desktop forward its logs to Splunk. We’re all growing here.

Everyone is invited, but these are less formatted because I am still in the testing phase for this platform. I want to make sure it is the best one. If you have any platform suggestions, shoot them my way so that I can check them out.

Hope to see you there!


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