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Took A Break and Came Back with a 100-day Challenge!

July 9, 2018InfoSteph

In every journey to greatness, you will face many kinds of obstacles. A seemingly trustworthy helper can turn out to be a thorn in your side. An underestimated individual can turn out to be a strong ally. A dream job could turn out to be hell on Earth. A safe job could turn out to be a savior. A perfect opportunity could turn into purgatory. A task that’s beneath you could change your entire life. Nothing is what it seems, and therefore, you make choices that could flip the scales at any time.

My youngest brother asked me for advice on whether he should switch from community college and staying with my parents to going to a local university and staying on campus. The advice I gave him was:

“Whatever path you choose is the path you were meant to take. If it turns out to be a nightmare, you were meant to learn a lesson and it is your time to sow. If it turns out to be a dream, you were meant to receive a blessing and it is your time to reap. Go with what feels right to you and remember not to regret it because this is the path you were meant to be on.”

It was one of those moments where the advice I was giving applied to current personal turmoil and conflict. I’ve been in a sowing season, and it’s been difficult. My season has been long, hard, discouraging and has affected so many other aspects of my life. I’ve often wondered, “Why me? Like, literally, why me out of everyone around? When I just show up and mind my business? When all I want is to grow, learn, have a bomb career and be dope?”

When a fire is seen in someone, there will be people that make it their mission to extinguish it. Maybe it’s because their own fire was extinguished, or maybe it’s because they’ve never had a fire to begin with. Maybe they believe that snuffing out that light in you is actually helping you. Unfortunately, the answer to why is not for me or for you. We will never have an accurate answer to the motives behind other people. We will only have our own lessons to learn. This can be maddening, especially since the actions resulting from these unanswered questions have affected me so greatly. However, acceptance is the way to true peace.

I spent most of the month of June in recovery. Though most social toxicity wreaks havoc on your mental, the kind I’ve been exposed to has wreaked havoc on my physical. I’ve spent my time getting myself together, identifying and shutting down triggers, making self care a priority, resting, connecting with positive individuals, dreaming of a better tomorrow, exploring opportunities, planning a life without the source of my discomfort. It’s been rewarding. It’s been enlightening. It’s been introspective. I finally feel like myself again. And the aforementioned fire? It’s bigger, bolder and brighter than ever.

I don’t want to give the impression that there are only fire-snuffers out there, because I have met some encouraging individuals that have no clue how much they have helped me. From colleagues and coworkers cheering me on and giving me good recs and advice to Internet strangers joining my tech growth endeavors via social media, I have been supported. It is through this trying time that I sought a community, a virtual and IRL support system, and I got it, in full force. Shout out to y’all.

All of this is to say, I’m back! And better than ever! And I started a 100-day tech challenge on Twitter on Saturday. The criteria is:

  1. 1 chapter of any tech book related to current studies OR
  2. 30 minutes of lab time

I’ve got a couple of people joining in. I’m documenting via Instagram and Twitter, but some are documenting via their blog as well. Let me know below or via Twitter if you’d like some accountability. Tech-a-thons should be coming back as well in August, so stay tuned.

Most importantly, be aware of your light. Be aware of that fire inside of you. Guard it with your life. Recognize toxicity and identify triggers. Practice discernment. Take care of yourself. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Pay attention to what your mind is telling you. Because, let me tell you, you either pay attention to it or it will make you pay attention.

Happy Teching,


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