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Tech Tales: The Origin Story

April 17, 2018InfoSteph

I shuffled back and forth, nervously, in my childhood room. I had a decision to make. Would I go to this new school with the same major, even though I knew it was sucking the life out of me? Just three years prior, I had finally landed on print journalism as my career path of choice. I mean, I didn’t have much time to decide, and I would rather take on journalism than physical therapy, like my parents wanted. The first two years were a breeze, taking only one journalism class a semester, but once I hit that third year, I knew journalism was not for me. There’s something about approaching a person in crisis and trying to get a story out of them that just did not sit right with me. Am I a naturally inquisitive person? Absolutely. But did I want to be the woman that approached people when they had just been robbed? Or involved in an accident? Or murdered someone? Or just lost a family member? Absolutely not. I would find myself making up stories and submitting them, just to avoid confronting people about business I should know nothing about.

So, I told my mom I wanted to pursue computer science. A bold move that was. Sure, I was the designated computer professional in the family. And yes, all my friends came to me with their computer issues. And okay, I did have an interest in tech. But could I do this? Could I code a program? Could I hack into someone’s enterprise level server? Could I be a tech expert? I wasn’t so sure. In fact, I had a full on panic attack before almost every exam. One class (that I failed miserably), almost made me regret my decision. But, for reasons unbeknownst to me, I stuck with it.

A year into me pursuing a computer science degree, I started working for a web hosting company. I was so shocked anyone in the tech industry would hire me. I thought for sure I would need to graduate or be some kind of genius in order to really improve. And I won’t say that it’s been a complete breeze for me, but I’m finding being and growing in the tech industry gets easier and easier with time…in certain aspects.

Sometimes, I still wonder if I can do all of this. But then I turn another corner and never look back. I’m no expert, but I am also no beginner, at least not in the things I have been exposed to. I have done things I never thought I could do and I have failed at things I underestimated. I doubt myself constantly, but sometimes I move in confidence. I’ve been promoted, looked up to, asked for help, and I’ve also sat at the feet of those that know way more than me, grabbing as much knowledge as possible.

I’m determined to find my footing in this industry and I am optimistic that I will build a career and a purpose I am super passionate about. Thank you for joining my ride!

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