• Trill Tech Culture Podcast Interview

    April 11, 2019 InfoSteph

    I did a thing…with an amazing woman, Jeneba Wint, the founder and host of Trill Tech Podcast. Earlier this year, she tweeted this to see if her podcast idea was one that the culture needed: The culture responded and here we are, five episodes later and featuring little old me! I love supporting women in…

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  • InfoSteph – From Journalism to IT Support to Security Analyst

    January 16, 2019 InfoSteph

    I told y’all. I have been busy. In December, I was approached to interview with Ayman on his awesome and informative podcast, Getting Into InfoSec. It was a very engaging conversation, and I was able to share my story in a pretty safe and supportive environment. Ayman created a podcast in response to the key…

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